Friday, June 01, 2007

more pictures

Here are some more pictures from Cartagena and some from the conference we had a few weeks ago. The first one has some members of the Guacho family that attended the church planting conference that was held a few weeks ago.
The next one is of me and some friends that we met and spent time with while in Santo Domingo back in March.

The rest of the pictures are from Cartagena. Here's one of Christine and friends, Ingrid and Leonardo. We were at the main tourist market in Cartagena. This market is in what used to be the main prison or dungeon there.
Here's the drive-thru sign at the McDonald's there. We have McDonald's here in Ecuador as well but I just thought this was an interesting picture.

Here's a picture of a nice sunset taken from the balcony at our hotel.

The older looking ship is a model of a slave carrying ship. This was taken from the boat on the way out to Baru, an island that we went to. Here's a picture of the beach we were at. It was really kind of a paradise. I remember thinking how special this place was and how it almost seemed like heaven. Then something happened that reminded me that it wasn't heaven. It was really a horrible tragedy, one we've already mentioned in the prayer newsletter that we just sent out. There was a young couple on their honeymoon and they went out to scuba dive with a another couple and an instructor. Well, an accident happened with the husband and he didn't come back up. They brought him to the beach and tried CPR and then brought him to the hospital back in Cartagena, but he ended up dying. It was quite shocking for us as we had gotten to know Karla and Julio. It was also shocking because we had never been around this kind of tragedy before. We just ask again that you would pray for Karla and their families.
Here are some more pictures from that day. Here is one of of us playing beach volleyball. I also played some beach soccer.
Here's one of me and Leonardo snorkeling. That was pretty amazing and the first time I had ever done that. We weren't even at a reef or anything but we could see fish and we saw a starfish. We saw what must of been thousands of these small minnow type fish and they were just beautiful. We were swimming for a good distance but kept seeing them underneath us. Like I said, there must have been thousands of them. The last one is of me and Leonardo kayaking, which was pretty interesting. There's also a picture of the boat that we rode out to the island. I think I have a few more pictures from Cartagena and then some others from here I'll try to put on next time. Guess this is all for now.


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