Tuesday, June 15, 2010

recent pics and a video

Here are some recent pics and a video. I'm just going to write the description for everything here at the beginning because it tends to jumble everything up anyway. The first couple of pictures were taken during a visit from Uncle Paul, Aunt Laura and cousin Audrey. There is one of Evan listening to Uncle Paul reading and there is another one of Audrey and Evan watching Sesame Street together. The next one show Evan at a park last Saturday during Ginga's Art Event in the park. The last 3 pictures or so were taken at Evan's first baseball game last Friday at the St. Joseph Mustangs (a local college wood bat team). A great time was had by all and the Mustangs won!
The video shows Evan doing the 'Elmo dance'. You'd have to be a regular viewer of Sesame Street to know what I am talking about.


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