Thursday, October 07, 2010

recent videos and pictures

Here's Evan with a soapy beard.
Here's Evan at his great-grandpa's on 'his way to church.' This is what he says when he gets on this getup and that is something he came up by himself.
Evan and cousin Audrey checking out some lawn mowers in front of a hardware store, when we went to go check out Uncle Paul's and Aunt Laura's farmer's market.
Some cool-looking clouds but I'm not sure where I saw this but it was pretty impressive.
Following are some videos that have been taken over the last couple of months.
Here is Evan with his 'guitar.'
Evan saying the strategy statement of our church and our sponsor church.
Evan on a tractor at a farm for kids.
It's a long and interesting story but here is Evan saying goodbye to the 'Hoopty.'


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