Saturday, April 30, 2011

more Israel pictures and Easter pictures.

Following are some recent pictures of the family and I have some more pictures from Israel. Enjoy! There are more where these came from.
Lydia at one month old.
Lydia in her Easter outfit that Aunt Kathy gave her.
The family at the church's Easter egg hunt.
This is us on the way to church on Easter Sunday...He is Risen, he is risen, indeed. Lydia is wearing a dress that Christine wore her first Easter.
Christine, Lydia and Evan on a walk the other day.
This was taken at the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall. I had thought it was a part of the wall that was left over from the temple but it is actually a retaining wall left over from the temple.
This was taken at a tea shop we walked by.
The Dome of the Rock which is at the Temple Mount, where the original temples were.
This was taken at the Dead Sea. That was a real highlight of the trip. I was able to float in it effortlessly.
This is me at Qumran, which is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.
Speaking of Easter, following are some pictures from the Garden Tomb. This is believed to be Golgotha, which meant the place of the skull. If you use your imagination a bit, you can see the skull in the rock there but this picture doesn't do it much justice. This was right by where Jesus was buried and rose again.
This is inside the tomb.
This one shows the entrance to the tomb.
The sign on the door, obviously added later. This is from Matthew 28:6.

Friday, April 08, 2011

More Israel and more Lydia

Following are more pictures from Israel and more pictures of Lydia and the family. I hope you enjoy these.
Here is a guy that was selling and making falafels on the street in Jerusalem. We ate so many felafels in our time in Israel but never got any on the street like this. We really did enjoy the food there, especially all the different breads, cheeses, olives and the hummus.
This is an Orthodox Jewish couple walking down the street in the Old City in Jerusalem. They have a Russian background. The Russian Orthodox Jews usually wear these big fuzzy hats.
Here is a street sign for the Via Dolorosa, which is the route where Jesus carried the cross. This sign in written in Hebrew, Arabic and English.
This is Evan being a cowboy and using a string as his rope. The rest of these are pretty self-explanatory. These were mostly taken about 2 weeks ago. I hope you enjoy them all and I hope to get some more recent ones on.