Friday, April 14, 2006

Volcano Tungurahua

Here are some pictures from our trip to Banos. The ones I will share here have to do with our sighting of a volcano eruption. First, I need to start the story by saying that we tried to see the volcano both nights that we were in Banos but without success, thanks to foggy and cloudy conditions. They say it is possible to see the lava at night but as I said, we were unable to do so. When we were leaving town we went to some mountains across from the volcano where they said it would be possible to see the volcano. Well, we got there and it was fairly clear but clouds were covering the volocano. We were getting ready to leave and finally we saw a clearing at the clouds near the peak of the volcano. We were kind of wondering if what we were seeing was smoke or clouds...then all of a sudden, we heard rumbling and then saw smoke and ash coming up-as you can see in the following pictures. Hint-the darker mushroom clouds are from the volcano.

Now, when I say volcano, don't picture Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius/getting buried in lava. Although this one is active, it isn't real dangerous. It just throws off some smoke, ash, and a little lava on the top every once in a while. The following are pictures of us with the volcano.


Blogger Arnold Austin Jr said...

Those pictures are smokin'... Literally! We miss you guys.

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