Thursday, June 29, 2006

Future volunteer sites & prayer requests

Here are some pictures from some of the sites the volunteers will be going to. These first two are from El Quinche, which is a major pilgrimage site. It is a pilgrimage site for the Virgin (Mary) of El Quinche. I have mentioned her and dedication to her before in a blog entry about a shrine to her on a bus. Anyways, one of the stories behind this devotion goes that there were many bear attacks in this area until a young woman appeared and the attacks stopped. Since then, there has been much devotion to her in Ecuador and especially in our area. We were talking to one woman and she said it is believed that you need to go on the pilgrimage walking several miles to the site at least seven times before the Virgin will hear your request. This woman we talked to had only been twice. We pray that people will put their trust in God and not in His servants. In that, we pray to remember the example of people that God has used throughout history. We also pray that people will know that they do not have to appease God or his servants through pilgrimages and various rites. His salvation and blessings are a free gift for all. The picture here is of the cathedral at El Quinche.
The next picture is from another town, Puembo, at the main plaza. The volunteers will be doing some sports activities in this town. We were there last week getting permission for one of the sites and I met a believer who may be interested in hosting a Bible study. Pray for this man and for this opportunity, as well as the people of Puembo. I guess this is all for now...I hope to post more pictures from another town next time.


Blogger Madge said...

Hey Haleys,
Sounds like you are busy doing the work. I'll be remembering you as your volunteers start to arrive this week.
R U still watching the matches from DE?
We are getting close to the big one. I'm not betting on anybody...any of these teams could take it!
We were listening to Ricky tonite!!!luv that CD!! Paul needs to take a sample of Amerikan music into language class Mon....he is chosing a Skaggs song!
Stay healthy and rested!
luv ya!

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