Monday, November 27, 2006

more Tena pictures

Here are a couple more pictures from my trip down to Tena in the jungle area. This first picture is of a typical home there. This was taken in a jungle Quichua community that I visited. The houses are raised so things can be stored underneath the houses, as the next picture illustrates.
I really liked the baskets that I saw there. They looked similar and were woven in the same style of baskets that we saw while on a trip to southeast Asia. I especially liked this shot, hope you all enjoy it as well. The next two pictures are ones that I liked and wanted to share. They are of the Napo River, which is a main tributary of the Amazon River.

Here is an interesting picture of a bridge that was out there. The sign on it says 'Lucio Cumple,' or Lucio completed or made this bridge. Lucio is a former president who came from this area of the country. Needless to say, he was pretty popular in this area but unfortunately for the locals, he was not popular enough in Quito and he was overthrown in April of 2005. A Ugandan proverb comes to mind when thinking of how a leader will help his family and home area when in power-'The biggest bug is for your own hen.' Speaking of presidents, Ecuador had their presidential election this last Sunday. Everything was calm and has been since then. To read about the election and results click on this news report about it from BBC- Thanks for praying about this, please continue to pray for us and our work here.


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