Sunday, January 28, 2007

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I don't have any pictures to share now, but I do have a link to an interesting story involving an Ecuadorian soccer player. There are some pictures in the story, though. It's kind of a feel-good story and is quite interesting. You can find it by clicking on the following link- -"A South American footballer playing in the English Premiership is spending his high salary not on fast cars and big houses, but on rebuilding an entire community where he grew up."
The next thing I want to share about is about driving in Ecuador, Quito in particular. I've written about this before but had a couple of observations and wanted to share them as well. There's a philosophical question that normally asks-'if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it-does it make a sound?' Along these lines, after a couple of observations, I have this question-'will a Quiteno Taxi driver still cut you off, even if there is no traffic?' The answer to this is yes, as I have found this to be the case on two occasions. The stories now follow-
The first one happened when I was driving my family to the airport very early in the morning. There was hardly any traffic at all. So I pulled up to a red light and stopped. Then a taxi pulled up to the left of me. Just when the light turned green, I turned, but first a taxi driver went right in front of me, cutting me off. You should've seen it. There was no reason to do it at all, he could've waited and went behind me, as there as no traffic at all. The other story happened just yesterday when I was taking a friend to the airport, again, early in the morning with not much traffic. Well, I made a turn at a traffic light going onto the main road that goes into Quito from where we live. Just as I did that, a taxi passes me, not on my right side where there were no cars at all...but on my left side, going into the middle of the road and into the oncoming lane (fortunately there was no traffic coming from the other way). Again, there was no reason for him to do this but I think in both cases they did it just because they could or they did it out of habit. Again, these incidents happened when there was not much should see it at about rush hour. I will close with a bumper sticker I would like to get designed- 'Mi senal no significa-apurate!'-in English-'My blinker does not mean you need to speed up!' If you don't get it, maybe I can explain it a bit more later on. I guess I'm sharing this as a reminder of our need for prayer as we drive the roads of Ecuador, especially in Quito.
I will close with a favorite Scripture verse I was reminded of recently-1 Samuel 12:24-"But be sure to fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you."
The nation of Israel received these words from the prophet Samuel as they received King Saul. They were kind of a warning or a reminder that they shouldn't forget that God was their king, first and foremost. These are words to remember up till now...that we should respect or honor God, that is what it means to fear God. It doesn't only mean that we should be afraid of him, but again, that we should respect him. We should also remember all the ways that God has blessed us, like the old hymn-'Count your blessings.'


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I will be sure to say extra prayers for your driving :)

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