Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Random stuff

Here's a picture of the place where the sell fireworks and masks for the new year's celebration. This picture really belongs on the last post but it wouldn't go on till now. I haven't taken many photos recently, so I don't have much to put on today. I hope to put something on in the next few days.
For now, I just want to give an update and prayer request. Last time I asked everyone to pray for the Bible study start in Tingo. Well, we have someone to teach it (Jose and Ruth) and that is really exciting. There were a couple of ladies that showed up. We had hoped more would show up but it was a good opportunity. Just be praying as the Bible study starts up and continues. We are looking at God's plan for the family by studying different stories from the Bible. Please pray for this opportunity...
Another prayer request is for an Ecuadorian worker in an Asian country. She is back in Ecuador visiting and we heard her presentation about her life and work. It was quite interesting. I just want to ask that you will pray for J and her walk with the Father and for the work that she and her friends are doing.


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