Monday, June 18, 2007

Quinche volunteer pics

These pictures were taken in El Quinche when the volunteers were here. I've mentioned El Quinche before, that it is a pilgrimage site dedicated to the Virgin Mary of El Quinche. The team prayerwalked and visited with people. Here are pictures from the day. The first three here were taken in the market area.
This second one was taken at a place where the volunteers tasted some guinea pig. We got to visiting with the lady that was working there and found out that she is Christian (her name is Graciela). Christine and I visited her and her family last Thursday. She's going through a rough situation now and we ask that you pray for her. She has two kids and her husband recently left her. She also has a sick mother. We found that her daughter is involved in a Compassion International project and we saw a picture/card from her sponsors and that was pretty cool because we are sponsoring a boy in Uganda.
These last two pictures were taken around the Quinche Cathedral.
The last one here is of a priest blessing someone's car with 'holy' water. "O Lord, may all 4 cylinders run properly and smoothly..." This is quite a common practice. On the way to Quinche on the weekends, we'll see quite a few cars with ribbons on them and that means they have been blessed. I guess this is all for now.


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