Sunday, March 19, 2006


We wanted to assemble a list of some things that are different from the United States so that you can catch a glimpse of what life is like here. We have divided this into three categories.

1. Things you can buy in a plastic bag
(like a glorified sandwich baggie)
mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup
jelly, jam, marmalade
milk (good for 48 hours)
cream (good for nearly a week)
chips (homemade potato and banana)
peanut butter

2. Things that do not require refrigeration
milk (in cardboard box, good for 5 years unopened)
margarine (if you do refrigerate it, it becomes impossible to use)
fried hog heads and deflated carcasses for sale on the side of the road (refer to photo several postings ago)

3. Things to do from the back of a vehicle
sell homemade pastries, turnovers, tamales
sell vegetables, fruits, fish heads
sell pirated copies of CDs or DVDs
pick up and deliver dry cleaning (driving around neighborhood playing annoying music for publicity)
buy old scrap metal (driving around neighborhood with megaphone announcement for publicity)
trade in/out blue gas canisters (driving around neighborhood honking for publicity)
haul 7 people around (especially old ladies and small children)
move furniture (precariously tied in with old ropes)
haul trash and trash collectors
transport flowers and gardening supplies
throw water at pedestrians during Carnaval (sort of like Mardi Gras)
sell soft-serve ice cream cones for 25 cents


Blogger Matt and Rebecca said...

Hearing about odd things in bags makes me appreciate the US and things that come in jars :)
Love y'all!!

7:28 PM  

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