Monday, March 06, 2006


This is a picture from when we went to Cuicocha last week. We went with the Calvert family and had a really good time. By the way, Cuicocha means lake of the edible guinea pigs. We didn't get to indulge in the tasty rodent treat on this trip, but I (Ben) hope to another time. We did eat trout and fries at a restaraunt overlooking the lake. We also went on a small hike and to a arts & crafts market. One of the highlights was that an indigenous band came to play their music. It is really beautiful and I hope to figure out a way to put a link to one of their songs somewhere on the blog.

Here is a picture of the band... Have to leave for now, we are being kicked out of the computer lab here at school. I hope to add some more pictures later.


Blogger Shari said...

You look really cute in this picture, Christine! I love the flower in your hair.

4:42 PM  

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