Sunday, March 19, 2006

Our Home-by Christine

We are getting settled in our lovely house. We really appreciate your prayers for us! We wanted to show you some of the features of our new home.
Blue gas canisters: one for the stove, one for the hot water. (When we have water.) Some homes have a special cabinet for the one by the stove. But we get to see ours in all its blazing blue glory.

Glass shard-lined wall: the ultimate in security. This is truly the most common barrier around houses. That and scary, half-starved dogs.

Tobacco plant: growing wild in the back yard (No, we haven't dried it and smoked it.)

Washer: we do have an electric one outside, too! This is the traditional way to wash clothes but I haven't done it.

Dryer: we do also have a clothesline (which is handy anytime but rainy season – now until June)!

Ode to Texas: we wanted Ben to feel as at home as possible.


Blogger Arnold Austin Jr said...

The homes hear have razor wire, the really secure ones add both dogs and glass

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:27 PM  

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