Saturday, April 15, 2006

Horse ride

Here are some pictures from a 4 hour horse ride that we took while in Banos. The ride was really nice and we had a great time, but new meaning was brought to the word 'rawhide.' This picture was taken at the beginning of the trail as we were getting ready.
Here is a waterfall that we stopped to see along the way. We have seen so many waterfalls here in Ecuador, I don't know if I have ever seen so many in all my life.
Here is another series of waterfalls that we saw coming down the mountains.
Here is a picture of Christine, our guide-Patricia, and a birds-eye view of the town of Banos.
Here is us at the end of the ride with our horses-my horse's name was 'Ruso' and Christine's horse's name was 'Lucero.' Check out my horse, he is doing an impression of Mr. Ed. Also, you can see the stirrups were a bit short for me, but they worked out fine. Lastly, check out the cool Brooklyn Dodgers hat that I found here. I will never stop being surprised by what you can see or find here. I had wanted to buy a hat like this in the States but it was too much, but then I found the same one here and it was pretty cheap. Just in time for baseball season, now I miss going to the games (opening day was pretty painful). However, I have gameday audio and can listen to some games via internet radio...Go Rangers, Astros, and Cubs!!


Blogger Matt and Rebecca said...

Looks like your legs are almost long enough to touch the ground :)

Guess they are not use to tall Texans.

10:16 AM  
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