Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pictures from this week

These first two pictures are from Pifo. They are of a couple of kids that ended up coming to the sports/drama program at a school there. I ended up seeing this little guy and he ended up going back home and I was able to meet some of his neighbors/family and many of them came. I hope to visit his family again.

Well, this was taken on our way to Cuicocha, which means 'lake of the cuys or guinea pigs.' The mountain with snow is Volcano Cayambe. We can see a small corner of this mountain from our house, when it is really clear. By the way, our friends there have room for one more-wanna ride?
Here is a picture taken from Cuicocha. This was part of the volunteers tourist day. They also went to see the equator. The guys here are, to my right, Andrew-one of the leaders. To my left is Jose, who is a church leader and works at the Baptist camp in La Merced, a really awesome guy. On Jose's left is Jeff, who I wrote about before about the shades. This is the 2nd time I had been to this lake but the first time that I learned it is a crater lake and used to be one giant volcano that collapsed. While there, we went on a boat ride in the lake.


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