Monday, July 03, 2006

Pifo/WC Semi-finals

These two pictures are from Pifo. Pifo is another town the volunteers will be going to. They will be there on Wed., July 12. There is a Baptist Church in this town and we hope to work with them. Please be praying for the church there and for the volunteers and their work.
Well, we've been doing well. We were at a meeting the last few days at a nice hotel in Quito. It was a special time with some colleagues from Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia. We had different meetings, devotional times and some free time. In the free time, I was able to play raquetball for the first time in my life and that was pretty fun.

World Cup update-well the World Cup is still going and is getting down to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, all of my teams are out and the only teams that are left are European.
The teams that are left are Italy and Germany, who will play each other tomorrow. And there is France and Portugal, who will play on Wednesday. I really don't like any of the remaining teams (2-France and Italy- of them are there thanks to 'flojo' or weak referees. With these referees, I don't know how the president of FIFA can say that this is the best WC ever! Germany is the team that I have the least use for, though...I really want to see them go down, whether it's against Italy or the winner of Portugal/France. In the end, I guess I will support Portugal, just because they have never won before. Italy and Germany have won 3 times each and France has won one time in past World Cups. Obviously, England isn't there anymore, they were knocked out by Portugal, so my prediction of them winning it all didn't come true. For now, I won't make any more predictions...I'll just hope Portugal wins and that the referees will be much better in the next WC.


Blogger The Whitfields said...

Go Deutschland!

7:30 AM  
Anonymous the vosteen family said...


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Blogger GuyMuse said...

Really enjoyed getting to know both you and Christine this past week at AGM. Will be remembering you and the volunteer team this coming week as you minister there in Pifo and other parts of the valley. Keep us posted!

5:19 PM  

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