Friday, July 13, 2007

awestar, july 4th, etc...

Here are some recent pictures. We just got back from our meeting w/ other missionaries and that went quite well. Now, we're getting ready for our trip to San Lorenzo with a medical team. We'll be leaving tomorrow and returning on Fri. Please be in prayer for this trip, that everything goes well but mostly that we'll shine God's light and truth.

This picture is from the last day at La Fuente. This is the school where we've helped in Tingo. The kids will have the summer off, with a vacation Bible school in a few wks and then return next fall.
The next three pictures are from our July 4th celebration, which was great. We went to the Lamca's house and had a cookout and best of all, the flaming potato contest. What can you do when you don't have fireworks on July 4th? You have the flaming potato contest. Basically, we cut potatos in half and then stuffed matches in the shape of different designs. Then you light them...
The next few pictures are from when Awestar drama team was here and working with us. This first picture is of them in Iguinaro. This is the area we had written about in our last newsletter. They have very few believers but now a Bible study will be opening up. Actually, we'll be meeting for the 1st time today. Ramon will be leading the lesson, so we ask you all to pray for him and the family we'll be meeting. After Iguinaro, we had some extra time so unplanned, the team was able to do a performance in El Quinche. This was just amazing that we were able to get permission on the spot. Praise God for that.
These last two are of the team doing their stuff in Ascaubsi, which is where Ramon's family lives and a church meets there. The team did the performance on the roof of the house with dust blowing everywhere and the sun shining brightly. Here's Christine translating the meaning of the drama, which was an allegory about a good king and his son. The picture here was t
aken at Ramon's family's farm of a newborn guinea pig.
The last picture is of Al Meredith, pastor of Wedgwood Baptist Church, Ft Worth, TX. We were really blessed by him and his teaching at our meeting this last week. Will have to share some insights that I learned there later on. Check out to have a chance to listen to some of his preaching/teaching. You will be encouraged.
As I close, I ask you to continue to pray for us. We'll be out this next week, I hope to share more pictures next weekend.


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