Friday, July 27, 2007

San Lorenzo, part 2

Here are some more pictures from our time in San Lorenzo. These pictures are from our first day at Selva Alegre.
The first one is of Donnie (one of the volunteers) and of Christine translating. You can see some of the cute kids in the next couple of pics. There were so many there. In the third picture, you can see the mom there has a picture of the Divine Child image on it, it's a child Jesus in a little pink dress. I'm not real sure on the story behind this one but I do know it is from Colombia and it is one of the more popular images. My main thought on it is that Jesus didn't stay a child; he went on to grow up, die on the cross and rise again. Anyways, it was interesting to see the image on a camo shirt.
Here's a picture of another volunteer, Brenda with a patient. She let me listen to a patient's heart for the first time and I was also able to look into a patient's ear. Pretty amazing to see how God created us with such detail. The next few pics were taken on a walk around town and down to the river during our lunch break. It was really interesting to see people washing their clothes at the river and carrying stuff on their heads; it really reminded me of my time in Africa. Do you see Zaccheus up in the tree.
Here's a really cool picture I took in San Lorenzo down by the main dock. I'm still not sure how the color turned out so cool on this one but I hope you enjoy it and put it in some kind of photo contest for me.

The last couple of pics are kind of random and taken before the S. Lorenzo trip but I just wanted to share them. Here's our friend

Ramon with a calf of his. I don't think I got a picture of it but the calf ended up going in the kitchen.
Here's a picture of a kid making Ecuadorian homemade copper pot ice cream. One thing I love about Ecuador is the ice cream we have here. With this ice cream, they make different fruit flavors that are just awesome. I wish you all could sample a cone via this blog. Guess this is all for now. Take care and God bless.


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you guys are such an inspiration to me. God bless.

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