Tuesday, July 31, 2007

san lorenzo, part 3 & juan valdez

Here are some pictures from San Javier, which was our 2nd full day down in San Lorenzo.
This was taken at a African palm oil plantation on the way to the clinic. This is one of the main crops there in the area.

the sprawling metropolis of San Javier de Cachavi!

Here's a son, father and burro going to work...w/ banana trees in the background.
There was this picture of the flying nun in the clinic we worked at.

Here's Elizabeth, who was the dental hygeniest.

Kind of like my hometown of McDade, TX-the train doesn't go through any more. The train went through quite regularly and shipped lumber from the area until a few years ago. A lot of these towns on the old train line are really struggling. There is talk of reopening the train line for tourism and maybe shipping but I guess we'll see.
Here's Christine and Brad, one of the volunteers we worked with. They were attending a young woman and her kids.
This is Charles, a volunteer, who took and printed pictures for the people at the clinic. He was playing this guitar (that was missing two or three strings) at lunch break to an amazed fan.
an almond tree, these weren't in season so we didn't get to try any.
a coconut tree...in most of the towns we went to, people gave us coconut juice which we drank direct from the coconut. it was pretty good but not something you'd want every day.
This kid hooked me up with his homemade toy of a truck, after giving him a hat that the volunteers had brought. The body of the truck was a oil bottle and the wheels were made of bottle caps. So the next time your kid whines about needing new toys from the store, give them a oil bottle, bottle caps and a string.
Here's a large river we saw on the way there and back to San Lorenzo. Being close to the ocean, there are quite a few rivers that go through the area. here's the bridge...
and now a funny Juan Valdez ad I found on the internet.
Guess this is all for now, hope to put on some more pictures from San Lorenzo on Fri. Just keep praying daily for the Haleys.


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