Friday, August 17, 2007

San Lorenzo, part 7 and okla vol team

Here are the last of the pictures from our San Lorenzo trip and the first of some pics of a volunteer team that came to this area a couple of weeks ago.
This is Pastor German with his family. He really helped us so much and we thank God for him. I ask you all to pray for him, his family and ministry.

Here's another picture of Kevin, but this one is with his mom, who is deaf. I ask you to pray for them as well.
Here's Jose Chillambo teaching the Bible by using 'power bands.' Pray for him as well, I heard he left this week for his mission service in Peru.
Here's Brad, Gary (who is the administrator for the Baptist Mission in Ecuador), with some patients. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of him with his wife. They helped translate and were a big blessing.
This is Donnie with a guy that had a serious leg wound that they fixed up.
Here's Christine with a special little friend-aren't these kids so cute, this one looks like a little baby doll!!
Here's a picture of the team, minus Elizabeth-the dental hygienest, Gary and Julie. They had to leave early because Elizabeth wasn't feeling well. Thanks for everyone who went...each one did their part and made it a success.
We saw Mt. Cayambe on the way home...only in Ecuador can you see ocean, forest and snow capped mountains in the same day.
The following pictures were taken the week after our San Lorenzo trip. They were a team from Immanuel Baptist Church in Weatherford, Oklahoma. They were a great team, did some great work and we had a great time with them. They came to help with a couple of Vacation Bible schools in the southern part of our valley. Here's some pictures from one of the VBS'.
Here's the kids playing soccer...

doing crafts...

And here's a kid with a chili bowl/John Denver '70's haircut. He's showing off his power band and he's with co-worker Perry Walker. These 'power bands' are used to teach truths from the Bible. They have different colored beads that represent different truths from the Bible, black-for our sin against God, red-for the blood that Jesus gave to forgive us, white-is for purity/holiness, blue-is for the water of baptism, and green-is for growth in our spiritual lives. Guess this is all for now. I have more pictures from this team that I'll be sharing later on.


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