Friday, August 03, 2007

san lorenzo pt 4

Here's some pictures from El Progreso, which is where we had the clinic for the 3rd day. These first three pics were taken down by the river. The first one is of some guys making a boat.

This one was taken of a guy fishing in the distance.
Here's a group of people learning from the Bible and doing power bands before going into the clinic.

This is Cynthia and her kids. She is a believer that is involved in the church there in Progreso. I asked her how we could pray for her and she told me her husband is not a Christian. She wanted us to pray that he would come to know Christ and have a changed life. I ask you to pray for her and her family as well. Here's another picture of her and her kids and one of me with her youngest...she was so cute!
I don't remember this lady's name but she was a deaf lady that came to the clinic. It turns out she is having headaches because her husband hits her. We prayed for her as well and ask you to do the same.
Here's a picture of the crab lunch we had. It was a lot of work to eat but was so great! The people there were so kind and giving.
The last picture is of some church members in front of their church building. We had a short meeting at the end of the day and that was a special time.
I guess this is all for now. I'll be going on a little camping trip this weekend way up in the mountains, so please be praying for that-that we'll be safe and that we'll draw close to God in this time. I'm going w/ Ramon, and a couple of his friends.


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