Friday, August 24, 2007

volunteer pics, prayer requests and a new trip to S. Lorenzo

Just a quick update and prayer request related to a trip we'll be going on today or tomorrow...
There's been over a 1000 Colombian refugees that have come over the Ecuador border at San Lorenzo. We were there just a few weeks ago. Well, it looks like we'll be going there today or tomorrow to bring some supplies and see what is going on. Please pray for safety and that we'll be a blessing to the people there. Here's a link to the story about the situation...
here are some more pictures from when the volunteers were here from Weatherford, Oklahoma.
listening to the Bible story for Vacation bible school at Salvador Celi.

3 of our students...

one fat rooster...

the closing program, where many of the children´s parents came.

The next two pictures were taken from the Teleferico (cable car) that takes you up Mt. Pichincha in Quito and gives you a great view of Quito. The most interesting thing is that you are several thousand feet above the airport and you can see planes fly in. If you look close, you can see a picture of a plane flying in. The mountains will be in the background where the plane is.
Here's a picture of the team...thanks Emmanuel Baptist of Weatherford, Oklahoma!
Here's a picture of the flags for Quito city and Ecuador. Not sure why, but I really like taking pics of flags. The red and blue one is for Quito and the yellow, blue and red one is for Ecuador. This was taken up at the equator, where we took the group as well.

Here is Geoconda (with baby Zamira), Antonio and Jose. We´ve told you all about Antonio and Jose before and asked you to pray for them. Antonio is sick with cancer and the situation doesn't look real good. They have 3 other kids that are visiting some family down on the coast. Jose also helps us a lot on visits and Bible studies. Jose used to work at the Baptist camp but just recently lost his job there. We ask you to pray that he will find a job (we ask the same for other friends that are looking for work as well-Leo, Cesar, Manuel and Rosa). Also, pray for Jose and his ministry. He really has a servant's heart and is a great help. Lastly, pray for God to bring health and healing to Antonio's body. We also ask you to pray for unity between Geoconda and Antonio in their marriage. They are getting along a lot better now but were having some pretty serious problems in their marriage. Guess this is all for now. Again, please pray about these things. We hope to be sending out a newsletter as soon as possible. I know we are behind on that but you can be looking for that in the next week or so.


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