Monday, September 24, 2007

guagua pichincha and various

These 1st three pics are from a hike I took with other missionaries, Brett and Steve, a few weeks ago. We went to Guagua Pichinca, which is just outside of Quito. It's about 15,000 feet high. This is ice on the rock, it had melted some and then froze that way in certain designs. The second one is of us at the top. The crater of the volcano is to the right where the clouds are. We couldn't see the crater because of the clouds.

This is on the way down to Santo Domingo on another trip. This is looking down on the cloud cover that was on the way down to the coast. We drove through this. A lot of times it is cloudy/foggy all the way up but there was just this part halfway down. We went down there for a couple of days a couple of weeks ago. We had stayed there back in March and just went recently to check up on the work there. It was good to see everyone. We didn't get any pics while down there, so sorry about that.
After our time in Sto Domingo, we went on to Puerto Quito. We saw this on the way. It's a hog that's been gutted and is hanging off the truck. I guess they're diesel smoke curing it! We'll have to put the pics on from Puerto Quito next time.
This last one is of Ramon, his wife-Blanca and their youngest-Andres, and Christine, all in his strawberry field.
Now, I want to close with a great promise from God's word that I had read recently. It was quite reassuring. Psalm 147:11-'the Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.'


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