Friday, September 14, 2007

historic quito center, ecuador soccer game and new African friends

Here's a few pictures from the historic city center of Quito. I had been in this area in the daytime but never in the evening, but I finally did with the volunteers from England a few weeks ago. It was quite beautiful and interesting. They have horse and carriage rides (which we didn't do) but we hope to do them another time.
San Francisco Church
La Compania Church (this is my favorite one and most beautiful in my opinion)

La Merced Church

First Cathedral

The next two pics are from a Ecuador-Bolivia match that I went to with a colleague and his kids. This is the first match of the national team that I had been to. Ecuador won 1-0. It was kind of like a practice match and they call these friendlys (amistosos in Spanish), meaning they aren't official competitions or tournaments. The newspaper the next day said the match wasn't very friendly though, because a fight broke out between the players that had to be broken up by the police. It was quite interesting. I am now looking forward to the World Cup qualifiers that will begin next month. Here's Thomas, Matt, Frank Lamca and me (l-r).
This last picture is of a couple of new friends from Kenya that are here. We met a while back at the Vacation Bible school event in Tingo. I was really surprised and glad to meet Africans here in Ecuador. They are the first ones I've met here. It turns out Samuel is here with his family studying at a seminary and preparing to be a missionary to Colombia (his wife and daughter are not pictured here). He has a great heart and really loves the Lord. It has been a blessing to know them and work with them. (Many of you know that I was in Uganda before, so this is a special blessing to me as I still feel homesick for Africa sometimes). He has gone out with me on visits and helped with Bible studies. His son's name is Benaiah. I will have to put a picture of his wife and daughter another time but for now, I just ask that you would pray for him-that God would continue to bless, lead and provide for Samuel and his family. Also pray that we'll continue to work together.


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