Friday, September 07, 2007

more pictures from the summer

Here are some more pictures from this summer...
me (ben) preaching, this was my first prepared sermon in Spanish. I had preached before but nothing really prepared quite like this. It went quite well.
This is a traffic sign that says, 'One Way' by the sign, it says, 'Jesus said, 'I am the way.'
He also said, he is the truth, the life and no one comes to the Father except through him.
These pictures were taken at 'Libres para Cristo', which is a foundation that helps with drug and alcohol addicts. We had a bbq with them recently and all played soccer together. Didn't get any pics of the meal but we had a great time.
Barcelona vs. Liga...Think Yankees-Red Sox or UT-A & M...
Barcelona is a team from Guayaquil, a city on the coast and Liga is from Quito. Liga is also my favorite team. This is a big rivalry and gets pretty intense. Liga won this game 2-0.

How does a mountain hide itself?

now you see it...

now you donĀ“t
This is Antisana, a snow capped volcano. The 2nd picture was taken a few hours after the 1st one.
Most of the trees are green year-round but these looked they were changing colors and made us think of fall.

Dave's (in Tingo) baptism...we didn't have enough water to do it biblically (immersion) but the water sure was cold. Seriously, he was getting wet for a good laugh for the kids just as I did another time.
Guess this is all for now. Keep praying for us-for strength, wisdom and direction.


Blogger Frank (or Chip) said...

Okay Ben. You just about stopped my heart with the "baptism" picture! I had visions of my name being read at next year's Southern Baptist Convention in a motion to tar and feather supervisors who allow for non immersion baptism.

The Not so easy Potatoe

8:12 PM  

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