Friday, September 28, 2007

Puerto Quito, part 1

Here are some pics from our trip to Puerto Quito that we went on a couple of weeks ago. These were taken during a walk around the farm. We saw different kinds of plants and trees. It was quite interesting. Here is Christine with a pepper plant. It grows on vines on posts or trees. We saw fields of these in our time in Southeast Asia as well a couple of years ago.
This is a river that was near the place we stayed.
Here's me relaxing on the hammock in front of our cabin..a highlight of the trip was relaxing in that hammock.
Our cabin was also known as Ft. Knox. The security was pretty tight. A lot of good that lock would do if you could just cut those strings.
Now, to close with some prayer requests...pray for elections that will be held tomorrow, Sept 30. They are determining who will be writing the new constitution, Ecuador's 40th constitution is my guess. I would also ask you all to pray for a trip to Cuenca and to Northern Peru. This is a bit of a vacation I'll be taking with a friend, named David from England. We're going to go check out some ruins and do a bit of hiking and maybe fishing. Just pray that we'll have a safe trip and a good time. We also ask you all to pray for the group in Iguinaro. Manuel has accepted Christ. Pray that this group will be encouraged and will grow.


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