Monday, January 07, 2008

blessings for the New Year

(if you look close you can see these mud flaps have a picture of Yosemite Sam and say 'back off'.' We never cease to be amazed or surprised at things we see here...
Well, we know it's been a while and just wanted to touch base before we go on the move again. We had a good trip to the coast and then on to Cuenca. We've been at home for a couple of days but will be gone again this week from tomorrow until Fri. headed up to Ibarra to help w/ a IMB video team. It should be a good trip but we're looking forward to coming back and settling in again. We'll be staying with another missionary family (who have 3 small kids). I'll be going out with the team and Christine will be busy getting mommy lessons. I don't have any pics from our recent trip to coast/Cuenca but here are some from a recent day trip to Otavalo.
We went up to Otavalo to do some shopping but also went and saw this waterfall outside of town.
This sign is a highway sign for their main highway that runs north/south. The number for it is 35...if only it was I-35 and we could drive on northbound to Texas.


Blogger RamFam said...

Hello, Ben! I haven't had a chance to say congratulations on the baby, so "Congrats!!!" Also, if you remember back a few years, Dad had these same mud flaps. (You are aware of the similarities between Yosemite Sam and Sam Dunkin.) Congratulations again and we continue to pray for you guys.
Leah Dunkin Ramirez :)

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