Wednesday, December 05, 2007

more peru pics

Here are some more pics from the Peru trip. These are from Chiclayo, in the witchcraft section of the market.

These are candles that are supposed to bring good luck, wealth or used to curse others.
Here are some beads, herbs, and I guess what is a voodoo doll.

Here's an assortment of other things as well. The one figure with the outstretched arms is supposed to bring money and luck. He has paper money taped to him. Being in this part of the market was quite an interesting experience and a good opportunity to pray, but it was pretty wicked too. I began to feel kind of sick as I was there and felt better as soon as we left. I ask you all to pray for people that are deceived by these superstitions in Peru and Ecuador. Pray they would find truth and peace with the Living God.
Here's a stretch of road going north between Chiclayo and Piura. It was all desert and quite interesting. There were areas that had dunes like this, but some of the dunes were bigger than this.

This is the main park in Piura, Peru. It was a really interesting town and we enjoyed our time there.
Here's the Peru flag.
I guess this is all for now. I now I need to get some more recent pics on here and we need to do a newsletter. It's just been pretty busy but I hope we get these things done in the next couple of days.


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