Friday, October 19, 2007

HCJB radio tour

Here are some pictures of a tour of HCJB radio and the Bible marathon in Quito. HCJB radio is broadcasts radio and produces programs for Latin America and the rest of the world. They have a tremendous ministry, including health care and hospitals. You can check out more about them at HCJB (Heralding Christ Jesus' Blessings) started in Ecuador back in the 30s. They just celebrated their 75th anniversary last year. We went on a tour of the station, seeing the main studios and production rooms. Here is my Kenyan friend Samuel. We got to record greetings that we were told were to be used in some of their programming.
Here is a live broadcast for the Quito FM station.
Here I am, saying-you have to hold the button down to get the picture. Guess they got it. Samuel and I happened to be there with a group of students from his seminary. The last picture is of the 'Bible Marathon' event that was held in Quito a few weeks ago for 3 days. Basically, it was something open to the public where each person could write a verse from the Bible until they had a complete written Bible. As you entered you could give a donation for Bible distribution and then you could write a verse.


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