Saturday, October 13, 2007

puerto quito, pt 2 and back from peru

well, i´ve made it back from peru. sorry for the delay in putting anything on here. will have some pics from that trip later on. here are some from our trip to puerto quito and show the steps of making chocolate. Now, I'll write out the steps explaining each picture. Pic #1 shows the cacoa fruit, which is where chocoloate comes from. Pic #2 shows the fruit cut open. You take the seed pods out and eat the fruit around the seeds and then let them dry. Pic #3 shows our friend roasting the seed pods.

pic #4 shows us shelling the pods.
Next, you grind what you get out of the pods.
Then, you take what is ground up and cook it as a sauce and mix in brown sugar.
Lastly, you dip bananas in it and eat it. Yum!

This last picture has nothing to do with chocolate making. Is just kind of a random one I wanted to share with you all. If you look closely, you will see that this guy's motorcycle helmet is strapped on behind him. He is not wearing it! Maybe someone should tell him it works better if you actually wear it. No brains, no headaches...


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