Monday, November 05, 2007

Peru, part 3

Here's another one from Chan Chan, it is of fish that were supposed to show the currents they knew about.

Make a run for the border...I mean the bathroom. This was a sign for a restroom and I thought this was kind of funny.
The view looking down on the beach. There's a sign for Inca Kola, which is the most popular soda in Peru. It was invented there. It is about the color of anti-freeze and tastes like cream soda. I will have to put a pic of it on later. It's pretty good overall.

This is Peruvian ceviche...which is basically raw fish and shrimp that's been marinated with onions and lemon juice, a kind of Peruvian sushi. It's ok but I prefer Ecuadorian ceviche, which is a similar concept of cold seafood soup but the fish/shrimp is cooked before going into the soup.

All of the pictures (except the first one) were taken out at Huanchaco. Not too far from Trujillo and right on the coast. These are reed boats that the local fishermen use to go out to sea. I saw these guys fixing their nets. And then saw this guy going out to sea.

Here's a sign for my restaraunt, Big Ben.

Here's David fishing. We both went and caught a few but nothing real big. It was fun, though.


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