Monday, October 29, 2007

Peru, part 1

Well, it looks like I'll be able to put on pics from home again, instead of from the internet cafe. That is good news because I have quite a few to put on. These are the beginning of some from my trip to Peru. I went with friend, David Isted, who is originally from England but lives in Santo Domingo. We met him and his wife a few months ago when we were there. These first few pictures are from Trujillo, Peru-our first destination on our journey. All in all, it took a full day's travel to get there but we really went to the furthest point first and worked our way back to Ecuador. We also had a nice night bus that took us half of the way there. These Peruvian buses are on another level...don't think Greyhound. They're double deckers with these semi-camas or bed, where you can lean back and almost lay down. They are quite nice and comfortable. These first two pictures are of the main plaza in Trujillo, known as the Plaza de Armas in Peru.
This next picture is of a street sign, it translates, Quietness Street.
A Ford Galaxie...I'm guessing mid-60s model.
While in Peru we saw quite a few ruins, archealogical sites, and museums-mostly dedicated to the Moche and Chimu cultures, which were both pre-Incan, dating from shortly after the time of Christ til the Incan conquest in 1400s. This picture to the left is of an original relief of the Moche Creator God. These were dug up as is. The paint and image is all original, not restored as many are. This was at the Temple of the Moon, outside of Trujillo.
This was taken from the Temple of the Moon, the Temple of the Sun is in the distance. This is a Peruvian hairless dog, a real breed. No, they're not the prettiest animals in the world.
Neither are these hooligans. Don't they look like some unsavory characters? A picture of me and David, with the Temple of the Sun in the background. Guess this is all for now. Will have to put on some more pics later this week.


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