Friday, December 14, 2007

more recent pics

This is from the World Cup Qualifying match between Ecuador and Venezuela. Venezuela won this one 1-0 by complete luck. It was quite frustrating as it was cold/rainy and then Ecuador lost to a team they should have beaten. In this picture, the fans are holding up a flag of Ecuador that says, Ecuador-my country.
Noe's baptism. He is a believer and a part of the church out in Azcasubi (Ramon's family's church).

These next three pics are from pilgrimage to El Quinche, where the image of the Virgin Mary of Quinche is worshipped. People go on this pilgrimage in search of blessings or help from Mary. We pray that people will find these blessings from God, who we have direct access to.
Others go to Quinche in search of drunkeness and immorality as this picture demonstrates. We saw a lot of guys like this passed out on the side of the road and went to the jail to see a couple more.

This picture is in the main park in Quinche and has a picture of the image of the Virgin of Quinche.

Here's a picture from Francisco's wedding. I've mentioned him before and he's a good friend. He's also a believer. Pray for him and his wife, Nadya as they start their lives together.

Here's a picture that was taken a few days ago with our poinsettia tree. I guess this is all for now. Take care, God bless and keep praying for us and the work here.


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