Saturday, March 22, 2008

a day trip and the filming project

This and the next picture are from a day trip I tok with Ramon and Cesar to go a bit south. We went to Latacunga and Pujili and in the surrounding areas. It was a nice trip and I'm glad we got to go. We were able to visit Cesar's brother and friend and tour around a bit down there. This pic is from a huge rock that we saw. They say the rock was carried there by mudslides from the last big eruption at Cotopaxi.
We had a traditional Ecuadorian lunch of fritada and tortillas de papas. This is a picture of some indigenous folks. This was in Pujili, which has quite a few indigenous people. We also walked around the market some and that was pretty cool.
Here's a truck we saw...I think it was a '58 Chevy. You can see some pretty cool vehicles now and then.
The next few pictures were from a trip back in January. This is where went to the Ibarra area to take some guys up there to do a filming project. This is a film that will be shown in Southern Baptist churches next December to promote the Lottie Moon Offering. Here are some local indigenous girls in this 1st pic.
Here's John filming the main subject of the film, Pastor Gabriel Mugmal. Gabriel has an amazing testimony of how he came to Christ and how he has served the Lord. He and some other church members have an agricultural project going on there as outreach into some of the communities. I hope to invite Gabriel and some of his friends this way to help us on some projects in this area.
We filmed near this house and I just liked the way everything was set up here. Kind of an everyday life shot.
Same thing with this cauldron that was cooking. I guess this is all for now. I hope to put some more pics from the Ibarra trip later on. Take care and God bless.
ps...just wanted to add a prayer request that didn't make it on the newsletter that we sent out today. There are some friends that live in the next neighborhood over and the wife's father just had an operation. The situation doesn't look real good but he has improved. Pray that God will heal him, that he will give the family faith, and that God will work in their lives. The friend's dad who is ill is Nancy. I'm not sure of her dad's name but you can pray for them, just the same. Thanks again.


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