Friday, February 08, 2008

Trip to Cuenca & small update

The following are pictures from Cuenca. We went there on our way back home from the retreat at the coast. Cuenca is Ecuador's 3rd largest city and is quite colonial, especially in its' architecture. Many (including us) consider it to be Ecuador's most beautiful city. I hope the pics show that.
These first two pics were taken in Las Cajas National Park. This is a place high up in the mountains that has a ton of natural lakes. I've heard it's good for trout fishing. Too bad we didn't have any time to stop for fishing and hiking. We were really just passing through. The 2nd picture here is of Christine with Mark & Sherry Cody (another IMB missionary couple) who are living and working in Cuenca. They are great folks and we had a nice time staying with them. We had worked with them before on the Volcano feeding project in 2006.

Here's a view of downtown Cuenca from where we stayed.
This is the main town square.
This is Cuenca's famous flower market. I guess this is all for now. I have some more Cuenca pics to post as well. As for an update, the guys from the Church in Oklahoma came on the vision trip and everything went well. We discussed some different ideas and tentavily set out a schedule for this summer's trip. Also, my mom (Ben's) is coming this week. We are excited about that and getting ready for that.


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