Tuesday, February 26, 2008

vision trip pic & mom's visit

Well, mom came and had a nice visit. I just took her to the airport a few hours ago. I have a few pics from her visit. I had hoped to put these on while she was here, but I didn't. Sorry about that. We had a nice time. Mostly, we stayed around here but we did take one overnight trip.
As I post these pics, be forewarned that the text doesn't exactly go with the pics. I tried to sort it out but to no avail. I think you can figure it out... The 1st picture here was actually taken before mom came. This is of David and Scott from Emmanuel Bapt. Church of Weatherford, Okla. They are the guys that came at the beginning of Feb. for a vision trip. They are bringing a group later this summer and are looking at a partnership as well. Please pray for this group and our work together. This is a picture of them out at Ascazubi (Ramon's family's church). From left-right, the guys, Pastor Jaime w/ guitar, Ramon's parents, Ramon and Ramon's brother, Marco.
Now, for the pics from mom's visit. This is eating a traditional Ecuadorian lunch at the Palacio de Fritada-the fried pork palace.
Here's a picture of mom and me in the main park in Cumbaya.
I guess this is all for now. I hope to post some more pics later on...


Blogger MCMLXVIII said...

What an awesome young man you have become. You and Christine, as well as your Mom and Dad are in daily prayers. Angels all around you keeping you well and safe and strong voice for Christ. Debby Dunkin

10:20 AM  

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