Thursday, April 17, 2008

last pics from Ibarra, lyrics and another prayer request

This is overlooking the city of Ibarra. Along with this, I want to put these lyrics taken from a song by Bebo Norman. I was listening to this song recently and the words really touched me and I wanted to share this part of the song with you. I also thought these words go along w/ the picture above.
from 'Deeper Still' by Bebo Norman-
"Tonight I rose up with the moon, and looking down from high above
I saw a world carved and confused into valleys deep in need of love
And falling down all thick with grace, Heaven's cloud of mystery
Was filling every empty space, down to the depth of human need
This love that heals, it's deeper still"
Here's a lake in the area.
Here's a scene from the countryside where we (or John) did some filming.
Here's a mural which I suppose describes the history of Ibarra. I took this one afternoon we had to walk around and see some sights. Ibarra is an interesting city and we had a good time there.
prayer requests- As I close, I want to mention that I had a nice visit with Diego and hope to see him some time again. Just continue to pray for him that God will guide him and show himself to Diego. Pray that Diego will have faith and that he will accept Christ and become a Jesus follower. I also have a prayer request related to a training that will be going on the weekend after next, April 25-27. It is a training related to strategy and I plan on going and taking three guys that I work with-Ramon, from the Northern valley, Jose, from the southern valley and Pastor Mario from Guangopolo. I also invited some guys from Santo Domingo (Bernardo, William and Uriel) and think that they will meet us there. It will be in the Ambato area, which is about 2 hours south of here. One main prayer request is that everything would be ok with Christine and the baby while I am away. She will be staying with another missionary and I won't be too far away in case I'm needed. I ask you to pray for the training and teaching time, that we'll be open to learning and putting into practice what we'll learn. Besides the guys I've invited there will be many coming from different parts of the country. Also, pray for the people that will be teaching and leading the training. As always, thanks and God bless.


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