Friday, April 28, 2006

Good Friday Procession and Teleferico

The first two pictures are from a Good Friday procession that we went to in Old Town Quito. It was really interesting and quite beautiful. It was also really crowded. We only saw the part where they have these type of floats, with a band and incense carriers. We missed the part where people carry crosses and beat themselves, maybe we'll see that next year.
Hopefully, this picture will give a little perspective of how many people were at the procession. If you look on down the road, you can see the end of the parade. The one Gothic tower in back is part of the Basilica or the National Cathedral. By the way, what sweet nothings is this girl with the black headband whispering into her friend's ear? I hope he could have heard her because it looks like he had earphones is his ear..anyways.

The next four pictures are from last Saturday when we went to the Teleferico. This is a cable car system that takes people up a mountain overlooking Quito. This picture show the cables and some cable cars (very small) going up the mountain. From this perspective, it doesn't look like much, but it is. There are some points that the cable car is very high above the ground. It was fun, but I (Ben) was a little nervous.
This is one from an amusement park ride that they had near the Teleferico. This one was pretty fun and scary. It gave me a good view of Quito, upside down. This picture is actually sideways.
Here's a picture of us at the top with a great view of Quito and the surrounding area.

This is where the air is thin, ears get stopped-up, and an area of wonderful beauty. This one is looking on up to the peak of Ruccu Pichincha. Climbing that will be another day and another adventure. This is part of the volcano Pichincha, which is not active now but spit up a ton of ash and smoke back in '99. At certain times of the year this one has snow on it. We were at 4100 meters or about 13,450 feet.


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Anonymous Jon and Ginger said...

This is Jon Schultz,
Man, that procession looks just like things I have seen in India with the Hindus! Pretty intense! Just wanted you to know that we have been majorly praying for you guys and hope things are surviving culture shock! Ginger is gone this weekend to a women's retreat and it is too quiet and wierd.

4:45 PM  

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