Thursday, April 20, 2006

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This sign says, "Drive with your head." I only wish more people would do that. We were driving behind someone last night on the way home and he really had a problem deciding what lane he wanted to drive in.- A major case of his half of the road being where he took it. He was playing eenie-meanie-miny-mo (spelling?) in deciding what lane he wanted to drive in. We were trying to pass him and as he was doing this, he would go in one lane and then switch and then drive right in the middle of both lanes. Oh well, we made it home all right. By the way, can someone please wash our windshield?
Here is a picture of Cotopaxi (on the right and w/ more snow) and Sincholagua (on the left). We were able to see these snow-capped mountains, along with some others on the way to Quito on Easter Sunday. It was a really clear and beautiful day and it was special to be able to see all the
mountains around.

Here is a close-up picture of some Easter lillies that Christine took.


Blogger Arnold Austin Jr said...

I tried driving with my head once. It was tough, I eventually had to use my hands around the curves!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Madge said...

Well Arnie, glad you used your head for something, once...LOL oxoxo (you left that one wide open)....greetings from the almost warm Northern Hemisphere....enjoying your blog, Haleys, and all the news. God bless you and your studies...and BTW you looked pretty "hip" to me last time I saw you.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Susie Austin said...

I wish we had signs like that here in Costa Rica. Especially after we were in a wreck in a taxi last night! People just drive crazy!!!

8:12 AM  

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