Friday, April 28, 2006

Our first Liga soccer game

These three pictures are from our first soccer game to attend here in Ecuador. We went with an Ecuadorian pastor and his family. The game was between Liga Deportiva Universitaria (translated University Sporting League and also our favorite team) of Quito and Atletico Nacional de Medellin of Colombia. The game is a part of the Copa Libertadores or a South American tournament to determine the best South American club team. Anyways, we had great fun and it was a great game. Liga won 4-0, which is a pretty big win. This first picture is when the teams came out and were introduced.
This next one was taken after Liga's first goal. You should have seen the celebration. People were singing and jumping up and down and running around some. I really liked the singing or chanting. They had certain songs they would do, especially after a goal was scored. Celebrating these goals and cheering got me thinking about praising and getting excited about our God. While cheering during a game (something temporal) is not bad, how much greater it is to praise our God (who is eternal). This one is kind of hard for me, as big of sports fan as I am, but something to think about.

This last picture is a closeup of the game. See the ball flying through there. Sorry I didn't think to get a picture of us or the friends we went with at the game. I know I will be going back.

Christine's Comments: I survived my first South American soccer game! We were not mauled and smothered or involved in riots. The most exciting parts were being frisked at the gate, hand-held fireworks being launched nearby, a very visible military presence, lots of cigarrette smoke, constant chanting of a go-fight-win song, and an overcrowded parking lot. It was great! I think I am a real Liga fan now, even though I didn't spend any money to buy Liga hats, gloves, scarves or jackets outside the stadium. Maybe next time.


Blogger Arnold Austin Jr said...

You have a point about the smoke. When we went to see Saprissa (Costa Rica) play Mexico (TOL), the smoking was burning my eyes.

Still it was a great experience.

Have you met our good friends the Cargiles (butchered the spelling) yet?

8:33 PM  
Blogger Michael and Kristi Rains said...

Was the parking, at the game, like Costa Rica where they put as many cars as possible in the parking area and then let everyone figure out how they are going to get out later? We were one of the first ones to park so we had to hang out and talk a while. I think the U.S. should send everyone convicted with a road rage offense to Costa Rica. It would be much better than jail.

8:42 AM  

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