Friday, April 18, 2008

Uganda prayer requests and a happy bday for my mom

Hello all, I don't have any pictures today but I do have a couple of prayer requests to share and an image of the Ugandan flag. The prayer requests are related to some of my best friends that I know from my time in Uganda. One prayer request involves a couple of friends that are getting married- Gerald and Cynthia. They will be getting married tomorrow on April 19th. I ask you to pray for them as they start their lives together...that God will bless them and use them together.
I also ask you to pray for another Ugandan friend-Solomon, and his wife-Cissy and their baby as they will be on their way to the States for him to train in neurosurgery. I don't know too many of the details yet of when he'll going or how long he'll stay but I ask you to pray for him and his family as well. I'm really hoping that when we get back we'll get to visit him. These were all students that I knew and worked with in the student ministry in my time in Uganda. They became great friends there and we've kept up until now.
As I close, I want to wish my mother a Happy Birthday on Sat. April 19th. She's the greatest mom ever and is about to become the greatest Grammie ever!


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