Saturday, May 10, 2008

conference pics, part 2

Well, here's some more pictures from Chimborazo and the 2nd round of pictures from the conference. The pictures from Chimborazo are the first two that are on here. I also have a prayer request at the end.
This was taken inside the church. We went there for a while for their Wednesday night service. I had an opportunity to speak and so did Miguel.
This was taken of Miguel, Agustina (the older couple) and a couple of church members. That same day I ended up getting a poncho like the one the guy is wearing here and I got a shawl for Christine like the one Agustina is wearing (only Christine's is red). I think I have one more round of pictures from Chimborazo and that will be it.
This and the following pictures were taken at the conference. Here's another one of the volcano that was taken on the 2nd day.
Here's Carlos, Carmen and their baby. They are a couple I got to know at the conference. He is a pastor of a church in a town called Chunchi. They are some neat folks and I ask you to pray for them.
This is a picture of a sign that says 'detour.' There are two signs, one that is close by on the left side and one that is farther away. I'm putting this picture up to a tell a story of a sign that was left up that should be taken down. I had passed this way before a few days earlier on the trip to Chimborazo and we were returning at night. Well, I was driving on this divided highway and then saw this sign that said detour. This meant I had to get over in my left hand lane, which was supposed to be two-way, instead of just one-way. The only problem is that they had left the sign up. I guess all the locals know that but I didn't! So I started driving along and there wasn't much traffic right where I turned but then people started flashing their lights and honking at us. We started seeing more and more traffic and I was looking for a place to cross back over but there wasn't a place to get back in the right lane. We eventually turned around and got back in the right lane. I don't tell this to you so you will worry but so will you pray that God will continue to protect us as we travel (especially pray for us on the way to the hospital!) Thanks to God we got through that ok.
This last picture is of a banner that is on the way in to one of the towns we have worked in. It says, 'Attention- A thief caught is a thief burned- the community decrees.' I have heard they have had some recent crime going on there and want to put a stop to it using mob justice. Mob justice isn't real common but is heard of now and then. It's probably more of a threat but who knows. A lot of this crime is blamed on Colombians and there's even an expression that says 'All Colombians are thieves and all thieves are Colombians.' I kind of question that but many people like to blame their problems on others.
Well, I guess this is all for now. I wanted to update you on the situation with Magdalena in San Carlos. The rain has stopped for now and her crops are ok. The crops still need to recover a bit but she said more rain would have killed them. Jose Rueda and I went to visit her and her extended family last night and we had a really good visit. We had a chance to share a bit, introduce ourselves and we also prayed. I ask you to continue to pray for the family of Jose Rosalino and his wife Magdalena and the neighborhood of San Carlos. We are hoping to go back and visit next Fri. Pray that we would have an open door to share with this family and the community. Also pray that we will gain favor there and that God's word would become known in this area.


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