Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Conference pics

Here's some pictures of the conference (mainly of the volcano and the guys that went). I wrote about the conference in one of the previous posts. It was a good time of fellowship and training.
Here's a picture of Volcano Tungurahua (which means 'throat of fire' in the local indigenous language) on the way to the camp. We helped out with a feeding project in an area that was affected by this volcano in the fall of 2006.
Here's a close-up picture of Volcano Tungurahua taken from the camp. It looks quite close and we were fairly close to it but not too close.
Here's a picture of Jose, Mario and Efrain, along with Volcano Tungurahua.
Here's a picture of me, Pastor Mario and Efrain (both from the church in Guangopolo) and of course, the volcano.
Here's a picture of Christine that was taken last week. Isn't she beautiful? We went to the doctor yesterday and everything is still looking good. The doctor adjusted the due date a bit and said it will be May 23. She said she if Christine doesn't have the baby by the 26th then she would induce labor. Please continue praying for her and the baby.
As I close, I have a prayer request. This prayer request is that we wouldn't get so much rain. Jose's neighbor (Magdalena) who lives in an area that we are beginning to work in (San Carlos) has asked that I would pray that the rain would slow down. We got a ton of rain this weekend but it has been dry and sunny today and yesterday. If they get too much rain, it will destroy their crops they recently planted. I'm guessing they will need some rain but not too much, so please join us in prayer for this and for general prayer for Magdalena's family and the neighborhood of San Carlos. Guess this is all till next time. I still have a few more pictures from the conference and some more from my trip to Chimborazo.


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