Sunday, May 07, 2006

Trivial Trivia Game

Test your knowledge of useless facts from the Haleys' adventures in Ecuador

1. True or False
Christine and Ben were involved in a drive-by foam-spraying incident in the street during a small town fiesta.

(True: Apparently it is an act of admiration, not aggression.)

2. True or False
Ben and Christine uses dishwashing liquid to do the dishes.

(False: While dishwashing liquid is available, it is cheaper to buy gritty paste in exciting neon colors to do the dishes.)

3. True or False
Ben bought Christine 6 dozen roses and a dozen carnations on Valentine's Day evening for $20.

(False: It was actually only $7!)

4. True or False
Ben and Christine buy milk only in a plastic bag.

(False: We also buy it in a cardboard box.)

5. Fill-in-the-blank
Ben's ____________ was stolen when our vehicle was broken into.


6. Multiple Choice
Which of the following items are necessary for almost any trip leaving the house?
a. Umbrella
b. Sunscreen
c. Hat
d. Coins
e. Jacket

(All of the above. It could rain at any moment, we wear sunscreen all the time, hats frequently, carry a jacket and you never know when you will have to pay a $0.16 or $0.43 toll.)

7. True or False
Christine and Ben find it difficult to sleep in past 7:15am ever.

(True. But it's probably a good thing since some neighbor's house alarm goes off every morning at 7:20am for whatever reason.)

8. Fill-in-the-blank.
Why does one policeman always turn on his siren for two seconds as he rounds each of the three corners near our house? ______________________

(Any theory is an acceptable answer. We think it is either (1) a power trip or (2) to notify burglars as to his location so they stop burgling until he passes by.)

9. True or False
Baking soda is found in the grocery store aisle next to flour, baking soda and other baking items.

(False. It is actually located in the cleaning products aisle.)

10. True or False
The Haleys boil or filter all their water.

(False. We have a water filter, but the water and/or electricity goes off frequently enough or the water pressure is too low to rely on it. We buy a big blue 10-liter jug of water to drink.)

11. True or False
The sweetest little indigenous woman we know frequently wears a Metallica stocking cap embroidered with a marijuana leaf while her pastor husband wears a "Dirty Cash Offshore Racing" jacket from the United States.

(True: Of course, we couldn't come up with something like this. In a church we have visited, they also have "Welcome" written by a large cross and the Michelin man painted on the wall.)

12. True or False
Christine made embarrasingly glue-like spaghetti for 20 hungry people.

(True: FYI, it is hard to get water to boil at 13,000 ft elevation. Also, remind yourself not to save 50 cents by buying Ecuadorian spaghetti -- just splurge on the Italian kind!)

13. Multiple Choice
Ben and Christine celebrated Cinco de Mayo by preparing tacos for supper:
a. while wearing giant sombreros
b. while listening to mariachi music
c. by candlelight

(C: The lights went off in the middle of the meal preparation. Clean up was a little difficult.)

14. Multiple Choice
Which of the following have we seen in places where food is prepared?
a. The cook cuddling a fuzzy puppy.
b. A hair dryer being used in meat preparation.
c. A dog licking a grill where meat had been roasted.

(All of the above. By the way, we didn't eat at the last two places.)


Blogger Arnold Austin Jr said...

I love the dish washing grit. We are using orange right now

5:48 PM  
Blogger Ben & Christine Haley said...

Ours is green apple. Amanda has pink bubble gum flavor!

10:35 PM  
Blogger Matt and Rebecca said...

at least the dog was licking the grill AFTER the meat had been roasted - he was just helping with clean up!!

12:19 PM  
Blogger Ben & Christine Haley said...

You're right about the dog -- it was dark and he was probably just trying to help out the restaurant owner.

12:24 PM  

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